Cold Chain Logistics

We are sensitive to the needs of your perishable products and believe that each product should reach its consumer as it was intended – fresh, safe and potent.

Temperature-sensitive shipments require varied climate controlled environments to ensure their integrity on deliver. Any divergence can result in irrevocable damage, resulting in the product losing value.

The cold supply chain is not about reaching destination; it is about total care throughout the entire journey. Factors such as transit duration, cargo properties, air quality, temperature and humidity – all have great significance. This is where KNB steps in and excels.

KNB has claimed a pioneering role as Malaysia’s first JAKIM-Halal certified logistics provider. It is our goal to ensure Halal Integrity of our clients’ products for the end-consumer. KNB’s Halal logistics assures safer and higher quality products through tighter supervision, monitoring and control.

Our unmatched over 44 years logistics expertise has delivered distinction through proven and efficient solutions.


Protecting shelf life
• State-of-the-art, modern refrigeration units
• Tamper-proof and sealed to safeguard your perishable cargo
• State-of-the-art GPS tracking device to monitor the truck’s movement and progress whether in motion or immobile with just a push of a button.
• Well-maintained, imported cooling equipment that provides specific and constant temperature reading throughout the transportation period of the cargo.


The way to a fresh end
• Climate control capability from 18°c to sub-zero temperature
• Bonded refrigerated trucks in four sizes – 3, 5, 10 and 20 tonners
• Specially built for transportation of perishable goods requiring sub-zero temperature
• Complete perishable care in the product lifecycle
• Bringing the market closer to you through a comprehensive cold chain network



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